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  Project Pluto

Daily World Post

24 April 2012


Remarkable figures released today from Mars show that Atlantine migration figures have now topped 2 million.

The settlement in Mars' southern regions has grown almost beyond its capacity to cope. Mars' harsh environment has been a shock to may Atlantines, but they are so determined to be rid of Venus and the Treens that they are prepared to put with almost any hardship.

The figures also have implications for the Mars Government. Elections are looming, and as a consequence it is expected that there will be considerable Atlantine representation in the new Parliament.

After the last Treen resurgence, the Atlantine people decided that there was little future for them on Venus, and, despite the high cost, have, with the assistance of the UN Government and the Therons, taken passage to Mars.

After Venus, Mars is a bleak and inhospitable planet. However, despite this, the Atlantines have built an impressive city in Atlantine, and are helpng bring forward the terraforming of Mars by some decades.

However, this is producing political problems in the planet's Parliament, as Atlantine representation increases. If they stay a minority party, then they can have little say in the governance of the planet. Given the sheer size of the Atlantine population, however, it is reckoned that 25% of the representation after the next elections could be of Atlantine origin. Given this situation, the question is whether a majority party in the Parliament is possible. Any of the present parties will have to form a coalition with the Atlantines, bringing them into Cabinet for the first time.

The interests of the Earth colonists and the Atlantines are not that far removed, but political commentators are cautious about what the policies of the next Government will be.


In separate moves, there has been a security clamp down both at SFHQ and at the UN Head Quarters.

There is speculation that the clamp down at SFHQ is due to the problems experienced with the ARGO mission to Pluto. Controller Dare is reported to be flying back to HQ to confer with ARGO's designer, Sir Charles Tennyson d'Eyncourt.

The reason for increased security at the UN is not yet clear. Neither Prime Minister Blasco nor any spokesmen were available for comment.