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  Project Pluto

Project Pluto
Daily World Post

25 April 2012


DanSpaceFleet Controller Dare and his assistant, Spaceman Digby, left the new space station UN3, where he had been directing the Pluto expedition, heading for SFHQ

It is not yet known whether he will be reporting to the UN Head Quarters on the fate of the Pluto mission.

There is still no news as to the fate of ARGO and its crew.


In a surprise move from Downing Street, it was announced that there will be a major new Government reshuffle.

Although speculation is rife, the new appointments have not yet been announced.

Count Blasco is thought to be strengthening his postion by appointing supporters from the back benches. But Downing Street sources have been very tight lipped about any speculation as to who they may be.

Background to the Pluto mission

The idea of an expedition was first suggested about a year ago, after failure of all SF's probes to reach the planet.

It was also decided to make the expedition the first trial of the new ion drive. This was to be installed in the new spacecraft, ARGO.

However, trials of the spacecraft have been dogged with problems, including the death of its chief designer, Professor Chuang. In a controversial move, the Treen scientist Thandar has been appointed in his place.

However, contact was lost with ARGO more than twenty four hours ago, and fears are growing for the safety of the crew.

Furthermore, it is believed that Prime Minister Blasco and Controller Dare are at loggerheads as the the fate of the mission.

The reason for Dare's sudden and mysterious visit to Earth is not known, but is almost certainly connected to the Pluto mission.

Crew of Argo

Professor PeabodyProfessor Peabody is, of course, well-known for her part in the first Venus mission. During the Occupation, she was kept in cryosuspension by the Mekon for 10 years.

Flamer SpryMajor "Flamer" Spry was a member of the mission to Cryptos, and so missed the horrors of the Occupation. He was involved in the final struggle against the Mekon, and is an experienced Space Fleet pilot.

ThandarLittle is known about the Treen scientist Thandar, other than he was the chief assistant to Professor Chuang, who was the chief designer for the ARGO spacecraft, with its revolutionary new photon drive.

Hugo GuestHugo Guest is a recent graduate from Astral College. As the grandson of the former Space Fleet Controller, Sir Hubert Guest, he was detained during the Occupation in the concentration camp in the Hebrides.