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  Project Pluto

Project Pluto
Daily World Post

26 April 2012


There was tight security this evening at SpaceFleet's Headquarters after an attempted assassination attempt.

The assassin, disguised as a SpaceFleet mechanic, managed to smuggle a high power laser rifle onto the base as Sir Dan Dare and his assistant, Spaceman Digby, were stepping from the Controller's personal spaceship Anastasia.

Controller Dare was flying back to SFHQ to confer with ARGO's designer, Sir Charles Tennyson d'Eycourt.

It is not known who the intended victim of the assassination attempt was, and Security officials at the base are remaining tight lipped.


The troubles surrounding the mission to Pluto are such that it is time that either SpaceFleet or Earth Government revealed more details of the mission.

Firstly there was the mysterious death of Professor Chuang, the architect of the mission, followed by all loss of contact with ARGO.

Then there were rumours that Prime Minister Blasco and Controller Dare have had serious disagreements about the next course of action.

With this latest drama, it is time that the authorities declared what the full situation is. We realise that there are security issues, but the public has been kept in the dark too long.