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Project Pluto
Daily World Post

27 April 2012


The attempted shooting of SpaceFleet Supremo Dare yesterday still remains unexplained.

The gunwoman was taken into custody before she was able to complete her attack, but has remained completely silent, and has not given even her name.

No pictures of the assassin have yet been released, but it is understood that police may soon do so in the hope that she may be identified.

Meanwhile, there is still complete silence from both SFHQ and from Earth Government and Prime Minister Blasco


It is now some days since radio contact was lost with the new experimental spaceship ARGO.

Mounting any sort of a rescue mission will be almost impossible, given the new ship's speed and range. The only hope may lie in despatching one of the new NIMBUS ships. Currently, GAGARIN is on trials beyond Mars, and could conceivably attempt to follow the path of ARGO.