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29 April 2012

What Happened to the Mekon? New theory contradicts official report.

By our political correspondent, David Britton.

MEKONSpeculation is growing in unofficial circles that the Mekon may not be dead. It follows a surprise verbal confession and a transcript that purports to be a radio message broadcast by the Mekon just prior to his disappearance into the Silicon Mass on Venus at the end of the reign of his robotic forces.

The confession came from one of a band of dissident Treens arrested in Mekonta as part of the mopping-up operation by President Sondar. Pockets of resistance still remain despite the issue of an amnesty to all Treens who surrender to the Security Forces. It seems to be a commonly held view that the Mekon escaped and is already making plans for a counter-offensive.

Comment from Dare

At the time of the official report Colonel Dan Dare, recently appointed Controller following the retirement of Sir Hubert Guest, did make some personal remarks, off the record, on the Mekon's fate. Albert Digby, Aide and long-standing friend of Colonel Dare claims that just prior to the Mekon's reported demise he saw what looked like "a queer conning-tower" push up out of the sands just before the wave of the Silicon Mass descended on the Mekon.

When asked his opinion, Colonel Dare said that he thought that Digby was "tired and overwrought" having been actively involved in what had been one of the most demanding and difficult defeats of the Mekon's forces in their entire career.

The transcript of the radio message sheds little light on his actual fate but having undergone voice analysis at the Communications and Encryption Centre in Cambridge there is no doubt that the message came from the Mekon.as the vocal patterns were matched with digital recordings in the CEC's archives.

Mekon's Message

We were able to obtain a copy - it reads: "Mekon - to the Last Three! Operate Plan XX - or all is lost".

Government sources are sceptical about the date of the message. They believe it to have been recorded at some other time and has been released surreptitiously to encourage any remaining rebel forces to continue their resistance by suggesting that the Mekon is still alive.

The group present when the Mekon made his attempted escape was fairly large and contained many prominent figures such as Governor Sondar, Volstar the Theron, Commander Lex O'Malley and Professor Peabody. They all agreed with the official report with the exception of Miss Peabody who was puzzled by the fact that the Mekon appeared to dive deliberately into the Mass, and Cadet Spry who commented on the Mekon's final words that he and Colonel Dare would meet again. Professor Peabody remarked to me when I interviewed her yesterday that the Mekon had no need to head in that direction at all as he was on his levitator and free to take evasive action.

"It was clearly not suicide," she said, "the Mekon has never done an unselfish act in his life!" She could give no further clarification on Mr. Digby's assertion regarding a "conning tower". Cadet Spry said the Mekon sounded very confident and very in control of his destiny. Other than that he saw nothing unusual. By the time of going to press others of the party could not be reached or were not available for comment.

The Last Three

Attempts to get information on "the last three" have been equally difficult. We were informed that there is no official explanation for the term and the explanations that circulated at the time were fatuous and unfounded. However, a spokesman from the Cultural Centre for Treen Affairs, Major Jeanette MacDonald, SpaceFleet xenopsychologist, provided one possible solution.

It has been a long-held view that the Mekons, while enjoying several hundreds of years of life, did not come in to existence spontaneously and that there were others involved in that process. They cite the ability for the Mekon to rebuild his forces and strength so quickly after defeat and to arrange for his escape with such ease. It is not in the nature of the Treen nation to act imaginatively, singularly or independently. Without outside specialist assistance, the continuation of his campaign to dominate the inner worlds would be impossible.

What is hidden on Venus?

The surface of Venus is riddled with a labyrinth of tunnels and caverns. Many of the factories, laboratories and processing plants are public knowledge but there is a vast expanse of unexplored or uncharted space. It is rumoured or believed that within this complex dwell "the last three". It is claimed that they have access to enormous quantities of material, prime resources and scientific capability. This is the real seat of power on Venus.

These claims are described as "poppycock" and "rebellious proganda", and have been dismissed in official circles. However it is the assertion of this newspaper that there is considerable uncertainty concerning the fate of the Mekon, and that there is no smoke without fire. We further believe that the radio message is authentic, that he is still alive, and at this time is collaborating with forces whose existance and hostile intent the Government have not been realised. We would therefore urge the combined Governments of Earth, Theronland and Treendom as responsible representatives of the people, to thoroughly investigate these matters. While the shadow of doubt exists, they cannot afford to be complacent so soon after the years of brutality and oppression under the Treens and the Mekon's robotic servants.

Now is the time to be prepared for the revenge that this evil fiend and enemy of democracy and freedom has threatened.


Sources at SpaceFleet HQ have been tight lipped about the fate of the ARGO, currently on a mission to Pluto. It has been reported that radio contact with the ship has been lost.

But there has also been considerable activity at the design bureau of SF. ARGO is rumoured to contain several "highly unusual" features. SF Chief Designer was apparently unaware of these features, and the craft's principal designer, Professo Chuang, was killed in an accident shortly before ARGO's departure.

Speculation continues to mount as to the nature of these "highly unusual features" and why the Chief Designer of Space Fleet was unaware that the design had been altered.


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