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Project Pluto
Daily World Post

30 April 2012


by our political correspondent, Dave Wright

It is reported from SFHQ and from the Prime Minister's office that Count Blasco and Controller Dare are at loggerheads about the loss of communication from ARGO.

Dare believes that this might be part of a bigger problem, after discovering unusual design features on ARGO blueprints.

Professor Chuang was killed in an accident shortly before ARGO's departure, and was replaced by his Treen assistant, Thandar. Questions are being asked about this 'accident'.

The Prime Minister has apparently dismissed Dare's worries as an 'over reaction'.

Dare's instincts have usually proved right in the past, and political circles are worried by the clash between the two men. Relations between them have never been good: Blasco's father died when Dare stormed Vora's ship some years ago.


The new NIMBUS powered scout craft GAGARIN has successful completed trials of the new drive in orbit past Jupiter. The experimental craft promises performance to rival that of the new ion drive that powers ARGO.

Indeed, the trials have proved so successful that SFHQ is considering diverting the craft to search for the missing ARGO.