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Project Pluto
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2 May 2012


New LUNABUS enters service


The new Lunabus, Black Prince

For the first time since the end of the Treen Occupation, commercial flights to the Moon are coming back into operation.
A contract was issued twelve months ago for new Lunabus craft, and Cunard has taken possession of the first ship, to be called black prince.

black prince is due to enter service in six weeks time, and should make a significant contribution towards easing the tunes of people wishing to travel to the Moon.

Two more Lunabuses will enter service shortly: black knight and black arrow.


cunard are happy to announce their new farepaying Moon flights.
Flights will available each Friday at a price of 25000 novads.
We hope we will soon be able to offer the service three times a week.
note: passenger luggage is limited strictly to 10kg. No excess will be permitted.
applications can be made through any travel agents.

black prince set off for the Moon ten days ago on a proving flight, carrying military personnel. Owing to the anticipated high demand for flights, there will be little in the way of luxury on board black prince. The craft has been designed to maximise passenger numbers at the expense of comfort.

The flights will take place from cunard's new terminus on a converted oil rig off Aberdeen.