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  Project Pluto

Project Pluto
Daily World Post

3 May 2012


It is several days now since radio contact was lost with the PLUTO mission.

Fears are growing for the safety of the four crew: Captain 'Flamer' Spry, Professor Jocelyn Peabody, Lieutenant Hugo Guest and Treen scientist Thandar.

It is possible that the problem could be as simple as a communications malfunction, however.

There are no reports of explosions or debris along ARGO's flight path, and such radar traces as have been obtained give no cause for alarm.

No one at either Government Headquarters or SFHQ was available for comment, although it has been reported that one of the new NIMBUS spacecraft will be used in the search for the missing ARGO.


ARGO on flight trials


Cunard are pleased to announce that the launch date of the first commercial moonflights will be Friday 21st May.

Currently, all seats are booked for this launch, but last minute cancellations may become available.

Customers should check our posted passenger lists.

It has also come to our attention that forged tickets are being offered for sale. Only tickets issued directly from Cunard will be honoured. Various security devices have been incorporated in these tickets. If your ticket fails to validate, then you will not be allowed to board. Cunard's decision on this matter will be final.

Customers are also reminded that due to the security situation, all luggage will be searched thoroughly. Any items deemed by Cunard to be unacceptable will not be loaded onto the spacecraft.

Those with valid tickets should present themselves at our Aberdeen terminal no longer than 12:00 hours GMT.