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Project Pluto
Daily World Post

4 May 2012


'St Christopher' class to be retired

St Christopher rescue craftSpaceFleet is to have a new class of rescue ship. The present St Christophers have been in service for nearly twenty years now, and are reaching the end of their working life. Their equipment is now obsolete, and it is no longer economic to refit them yet again.

Tenders have been invited for a new design, although it will be some years before the replacements will be ready for service. Tenders have to be submitted to SFHQ by the end of the year. A six month evaluation period will then follow. Development will take at least another three years, and it will probably be nearer five years before a prototype is ready to enter service.

British bid for new rescue craft

A design for the proposed new rescue craft has been submitted by de Havilland's of Hatfield, working in conjunction with the Rocket Propulsion Establishment at Westcott. However, the British firm will face strong competition from the Americans, French, and Russians.



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