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Project Pluto
Daily World Post

17 April 2012


New York. Conservative Coalition leader Howard Ramsey (US) took the Prime Minister and Liberal Alliance leader to task last night in the General Assembly during a debate on the proposed increases in the UN military budget. Ramsey called the proposed measures too little and too late. He called for an immediate increase in the rearmament budget of 300% rising to 500% in two years. This was necessary he said to Earth's future security in the wake of the Second Venusian War. Ramsey also asked when the Inner Council intended to release the report of the now disbanded Commission on the Conduct of the War, which various sources have indicated was exceedingly critical of the UNWG military and its handling of Black Sunday


Several Conservative speakers including Ramsey called for early elections before the November 7, 20'17 date chosen by the re-instated Inner Council. Ramsey alluded to the Governments consistent poor standing in the world opinion poles and the worldwide swing toward conservative policies in the wake of the war. The Prime Minister was absent from the chamber for the debate, but the Deputy Leader of the Alliance, Alexi Luchanov (URR) dismissed the Conservative charges as political posturing, claiming that it was necessary for Earth to have political stability during such a difficult time as the Reconstruction and the unsuccessful resistance that followed.Siting instances of Space Fleet waste the Opposition Leader singled out the upcoming Argo expedition to Pluto as an example of money needed for the procurement of military spacecraft being wasted instead on unnecessary scientific probe. Ramsey claimed the money spent equipping the Argo could have allowed the Fleet to acquire another XC12 cruiser instead.


A pre-war XC-9 cruiser, the Glenn, has just been tracked down in Earth orbit!

GlennAn amazing discovery was made yesterday by SpaceFleet, in conjunction with Jodrell Bank and Woomera. Dr David Wright was researching prewar records when he came across the mention of the GLENN being detached to the orbital maintenance satellite, GODDARD. GODDARD was destroyed the day after Black Sunday, but no mention was ever made of GLENN. Using the last orbital data figures, Dr Wright tracked down the approximate whereabouts and persuaded Jodrell Bank to look for the missing cruiser. When a contact was found, then a shuttle was dispatched to investigate.

"Almost Untouched!"

The pilot of the shuttle HOWARD, Captain James Bichard, reported that the XC-9 cruiser was "almost untouched". Most of the crew had already transferred to GODDARD, and it appears that the remainder on board used a escape vessel to return to Earth. No record of them has ever been found, however. GLENN had been incapacitated by a problem with the impulse condensers, a job that SF Engineering Division reckon estimate should not take more than a week to repair. The GLENN will make a valuable addition to an overstretched Space Fleet.

Century Old Mystery Deepens.

As a gesture of respect to mark the centennial of the tragic sinking, on her maiden voyage, of the liner 'Titanic' in the Northern Atlantic Commander Lex O'Malley and his crew, aboard the submersible 'New Poseidon' have released memorial tributes directly onto the remnants of the wreck. The site, at a depth of two and a half miles, was photographed using the high emission broad wave spectrum analyser system. The pictures, which had been made available to the Worlds Press, showed that the metal surrounding the sixteen 'watertight' compartments bore indications of melting. Experts analysing these pictures have drawn parallels with the debris of spaceships targetted by the early Treen 'Telezero' attack rays. In a surprise move

Governor Sondar of Mekonta has said he will make historic Treen weapons records available to Earth marine investigators. Whilst it is too early to leap to conclusions it seems possible that the dramatic demise of the Titanic may yet turn out to have resulted from previously unsuspected long range Venusian ray tests! 'Boffins' from ISF laboratories have promised an early Press release once full analysis has been completed.