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18 April 2012


An astonishing report has come into the hands of Hulton Press, concerning the thoughts of the Government on the Treen Problem. One of the Daily World Post's top reporters, Denis Steeper, has obtained a copy of the Report, and we intend to publish excerpts from this over the next few weeks, unless silenced by a gagging order from the Government. This we would fight in every court on Earth!

Report of the Commission on the Conduct of the War 2012

(Proposals for a Solution to the Treen Problem)

to be published in due course by Hulton Group in its complete uncensored format, and an excerpt of which is printed below:


(l) Eradication of the Treen race:

This option would be a controlled genocide of the Treen race, and to be effective would have to include every member of the race without exception. While this proposal goes against all our moral instincts, the holocaust inflicted upon the Earth and its people by the Mekon and the Treens in the name of science has been so severe that the Subcommittee recommends that this proposal be examined in view of the grave danger to Earth from a resurgence of the Mekon and the Treens in the future.

This option could be actioned through the Bipartite Occupation Force, which would need to be considerably reinforced on a permanent basis. Control could be gained of the Treen breeding chambers beneath Mekonta, and all Treen reproduction brought to a forced end. A permanent tight control would need to be maintained on the population to prevent covert breeding chambers where and to contain the Treen resentment that is sure to develop.

The commitment in troops and equipment would be considerable, as would the term of such a commitment with the Treen life-span approaching 150 E-years. In the view of the Subcommittee its is extremely unlikely that Governor Sondar would agree to serve in any government that adopts these motives, and we feel his leadership of the reconstituted ruling Treen Council is essential in the successful pacification of the Treens. While this option is the most expensive it is also the most secure option against a Treen resurgence, as the occupation envisaged would prevent any uprising beyond local riots. This option would require a continuing commitment and clarity of purpose by successive UNW Governments, as, once adopted, to not carry it through to the end would be extremely dangerous. This option would also require the agreement and co-operation of the Therons.

(2) Permanent resettlement of the Treen race outsystem.

This proposal was examined by the Commission and is not recommended as a course of action. Reasons for this recommendation are:

a) No suitable world or moon is available beyond Sol system at this time.

b) If such a world was discovered we would better utilise its potential by colonising it ourselves.

c) To shift the Treens en mass outsystem would require passenger and freight carrying capacity we do not possess, and also a considerable military commitment comparable with that of option 1'

d) This option would in the view of the Subcommittee be unacceptable to Governor Sondar, whose cooperation we feel is essential for successful pacification.

e) If the Treens were forcibly shifted outsystem they would still need to be guarded against possible reunification with the Mekon. This could be best done on Venus and would be expensive and difficult outsystem.

f) It is inevitable that the Treens will eventually acquire the knowledge to produce an FTL drive. A world of Treens bearing a grudge against Earth, no matter far they are relocated, can easily return to attack us in those circumstances.

3) Permanent occupation of the Treens in their homeland on Venus.

This recommendation envisages a continuation of the present Bipartite Occupation on a permanent basis, with Governor Sondar as head of the ruling Treen Council. To be effective this option must include a permanent and complete blockade of the northern hemisphere of Venus from space, to guard against a possible return of the Mekon. We would envisage the permanent garrisoning of New Mekonta and regular inspections of all outlying Treen agricultural settlements. Such an option would need to be carried out in conjunction with the Therons and, while expensive, could be paid for by food shipments. If adopted this proposal would require continuing commitment from successive UNW Governments to remain effective.

The Subcommittee recommends this proposal should be seriously examined.

4) Limited occupation by a token Bipartite ground force and Space Fleet presence.

This option would envisage Governor Sondar as head of the ruling Treen Council. However, experience tells us that the Governor is unlikely to be able to hold onto power for any length of time unaided. This option has the advantage of being cheap, but is probably unacceptable to the general population and would be likely to cause the fall of any government that attempted its adoption in the current climate of public opinion. Option 3 could be publicly declared as Government policy and, as public opinion eased in its rigidity, Option 4 could be quietly phased in as a cost cutting measure. To exercise this option safely would, in the view of the Subcommittee, require a considerable commitment to building up Earth's armed forces to protect against a future Treen attack which the Subcommittee deems likely to occur if this option is exercised. The Subcommittee does not recommend the adoption of this option either now or later by stealth.

5) The capture and immediate execution of the Mekon, in accordance of the sentence passed by the UNWG War Crimes Tribunal in absentia.

The Subcommittee recommends that any effort that can be made to eliminate the Mekon from the military scene should be taken. The Subcommittee recommends the adoption of Option 3 and the vigorous pursuit of Option 5. Any decision to investigate or pursue Option 1 must come from the highest Government level. All options, with the exception of Option 1, rely heavily on Governor Sondar's eventual successor being as trustworthy as he has proved. This is by no means guaranteed, given the conspicuous lack of any obviously suitable candidates.


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