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Daily World Post

19 April 2012


by our science correspondent George Potter-Barr.

Scientists at the Treen Historical Research Unit in New Guinea have successfully cloned three offspring using DNA samples taken from cells of the celebrated little Crypt companion of the Spacefleet team headed up by Colonel Dan Dare. Stripey befriended the voyagers when they landed on Cryptos and became intricately involved in their mission. As a highly intelligent mammal he assisted the landing party in several episodes, carrying messages and anticipating situations. According to a number of the Mission's crew, Stripey demonstrated extraordinary qualities and intelligence far superior to any dog or primate. He also earned a reputation for himself during the rebellion against the Treen occupation of Earth. Probably his most famous action was during Colonel Dare's heroic dash in the Mekon's deep space cruiser. Stripey's intervention prevented him from pushing the wrong button allowing the cruiser to shed its first stage and propel the two unlikely allies to safety.

On Cryptos, Spaceman Albert Digby, Colonel Dare's aide, became formed a close relationship with Stripey and decided to adopt him as a family pet. He was granted a Flora and Fauna Admission Permit by Earth Immigration and brought him back on their return, since when he has become mascot, ally, "warrior", and not only a delight for Mr. Digby's family but also a world-wide celebrity in his own right.

Stripey, classed as a member of the pachyderm family and officially listed as Elephas Digbiensis had begun to show signs of restlessness and the symptoms displayed by male elephants when seeking a mate. As it has been impossible to arrange a female import from Cryptos, the Scientific Foundation which took over the Research Unit after the end of The War decided to create one for him.

The Research Unit (NG/S-A/1) was one of a series throughout the globe and specialised in genetic engineering and evolution. In the forests of New Guinea the Mekon had established a Stone-Age community populated with Londoners. His intention was to study human biology and development with a view to understanding human nature, the birth of civilisation and how mankind had discovered fire, tools and weapons and organised itself. From those findings he had hoped to discover the essence of the human spirit and a means to breed it out genetically

The Mekon's Directors of Science had as a result of the invasion of Earth captured and then improved upon the cloning techniques and genetic engineering that British scientists had been developing at the end of the Twentieth Century. They had already produced the now famous "Dolly" the sheep and were beginning to use genetically engineered crops in order to try and ease the food shortages that had led to the First Venus Mission. Chromosome and human nuclear cell technology had already reached a high degree of sophistication.

StripeyStripey has become the proud parent of one male and two female offspring. Once mature, it is envisaged that they will be released in the wild and establish a viable breeding colony. It is then hoped that using eggs and sperm from these youngsters, the Research Unit will produce a suitable, if not perfect, companion for Spacefleet's hero and mascot before he is too old to appreciate it.

Stripey investigating the tank where his clones are growing!

Recovery Work starts on GLENN

from Ray Wheeler at WOOMERA

Glenn Captain Bichard can be seen in this photograph leaving the Howard to travel over to the Glenn.

After last Thurday's discovery of the abandoned XC9 ship, the Glenn, SpaceFleet have already sent up a shuttle, the Howard, which fortunately had arrived back at Woomera a week ago. Space pilots have been out to investigate her condition, and are preparing to take her to rendezvous with the UN3 space station for a more thorough evaluation.


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