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Daily World Post

20 April 2012


by our political correspondent David Wright.

billJust hours before the new ionship, ARGO, is about to blast off for Pluto, another astonishing attack has been made on the expedition by the maverick New Zealand Senator Peters.

Speaking to reporters at Auckland airport last night, he said he was "astonished" that the crew would include a Treen. "People talk of reconciliation," the senator added, "but me, I wouldn't trust any of them."

The Treen scientist Thandar has been added to the crew list of ARGO after the tragic death of Professor Chuang. He did not play an active part in the Occupation, as he was based in Mekonta for most of that time.

The remainder of Argo's crew are Major 'Flamer' Spry, Lieutenant Hugo Guest, grandson of the recently retired SF Controller, and Professor Peabody. This is a very experienced crew.

Today, even members of the Senator's own party were distancing themselves from his remarks.

New ISF Launch Station to be Opened.

Sir Hubert Guest arrived at the UN off shore launch site 25 miles east of Mombasa ahead of its formal opening. The name has been kept very much a secret, but it is strongly rumoured that it will be called New Formby. The original ISF base at Formby, UK, is little used today. The new station has the great advantage of being an equatorial site, and near SF Design HQ in Nairobi.

However, bases on Earth will become less significant with the completion of the Kennedy base on the Moon.