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21 April 2012


by our political correspondent David Wright.

After his crushing defeat by Professor Blasco in the recent Earthwide elections, the first since the end of the Occupation, Lord Stonehill is said to be 'considering his position'.

Although the defeat of the Liberal Government was widely forecast as being inevitable, Lord Stonehill apparently feels it would be better if the party were to have a fresh start.

Inevitably, there will be several contenders for the post, but as yet, no clear front runner has emerged.

Lord Stonehill was unavailable for comment last night.

New Theory for Cryptos Ship Put Forward by Edinburgh Professor

Professor McHoo of Edinburgh University has put forward a startling new theory about the drive of the mysterious Cryptos ship

His ideas have been based around the hypothetical particles known as 'tachyons'. This theory is as yet unproven and subject to a great deal of controversy. However, if Prof. McHoo is proved to be correct, this will be a break through in spacecraft propulsion.>

The propulsion team based at London University have shown considerable scepticism about McHoo's ideas in the past, however, and it must be stressed that theories in this field are very speculative.