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  Project Pluto

Daily World Post

22 April 2012


by our science correspondent Lav Veacler.

After its successful launch, the ARGO experimental ionship is heading on its way to the outer planets.

Performance of the new ion drive is said to be even better than expected, with the result that the craft should arrive at Pluto much earlier than expected.

The crew of four - Major "Flamer" Spry, Lieutenant Hugo Guest, Professor Jocelyn Peabody and the Treen scientist Thandar are said to be all safe and well.

It is hoped that this new expedition will not only prove the ion drive but give us more information about the planet Pluto.

More Cryptos Commission leaks

Attempts by the Government to keep the preliminary findings of the Cryptos Commission out of the public domain seem to be failing.

Yet another Internet site featured details from the report for a few hours before being closed down by court order.

Denis Steeper from New Zealand is reported to have said: "No matter how much the Government try to cover this one up, more keeps leaking. It would be far better if they just came clean about the whole business."