Original artwork from the Venus story

>Once upon a time, I owned a board of FH's original artwork, Vol 2 No. 19, published on 17th August 1951. The Eagle panel top left is missing, since that was added at the printers, and so I have a total of 9 frames. Rather unusually, it is same size, rather than 'half up' - i.e., half as big again.

This is the first panel :

Venus artwork

Notice the text blocks are also blank. Those familiar with Alastair Crompton's book, 'The Man Who Drew Tomorrow', will also recognise the picture - that too must have come from the original. A lot of the detail is lost in the printing of the comic, and the version in the Hawk reprint is even worse. The background detail is amazing ... and who else would have put so much detail into a frame for a children's comic? This is why FH has so many fans.

Venus artwork

For some reason the face of the MP outside the office and O'Reilly's face have been been covered with some rather thick white material rather like Tippex - but I don't know why. The obscuring of the face in the 4th frame is, I feel, a mistake. But look at the composition of frame 5! The line runs down from O'Reilly to Aunt Anastasia in the doorway.  David McLoughlin commented from New Zealand that the character on the left in the penultimate frame must be Eric Eden!