A Dan Dare glossary

The inspiration for this page comes to a considerable degree from a publication by Denis Steeper of The Report of the Cryptos Commission 2014. He ties together the threads of the Dan Dare stories better than I have seen it done anywhere else, and he succeeds in making a convincing narrative of it all. Much of the text below comes from the glossary to the report. Denis Steeper can be contacted at Steeper@xtra.co.nz. All the other links on this page are internal. They are designed as cross references.

Anastasia Anastasia, named after Digby's aunt, was designed by Sondar and given to Col. Dare for his personal use after the First Venusian War. She was employed in the Red Moon Decoy Mission, when Col. Dare was forced to abandon her. Anastasia was later discovered in the Sargasso Sea of Space, and after being damaged near the end of the Second Venusian War, was restored by the Therons.

Aunt ANastasia Anastasia Digby, better known as Aunt Anastasia. Born in Wigan in 1938, and was responsible for the upbringing of her nephew Albert Fitzwilliam Digby. Whilst Digby was being held on Venus, he sent a message back to his Aunt - which she realised contained a hidden warning. She set off for SF HQ, and burst in on Assistant Controller O'Reilly, convincing him of the evil intentions of the Treens. She was subsequently made welcome at many Spacefleet and other functions (e.g., unveiling of the statue to the crew of the Red Moon ship; the King's Birthday party at the Venusian Embassy at the time of Crypt First Contact; opening of the Isle of Wight Interplanetary zoo).

Wilf Banger Col. Wifred Banger b 1974. Colonel Space Fleet E-Branch (Ret). Joined the Photon Drive Development Team as Engineering Officer at the conception of the project in 1992 by Dr Clive Nimbus. Proved exceptionally talented in R & D and rapidly rose to a Project Manager. Impressed into the reconstituted project by the Treens during the war, he took on the direction of much of the project after the execution of Dr Nimbus in 2003, managing to delay its adaptation to Treen hulls for the entire course of the war. Following the Liberation he was instrumental in renaming the PDD as the Nimbus Project in memory of its martyred founder. Transferred to the Taskforce Phoenix Project in early 2013 and was a strong advocate for the resulting hyperspace drive for years after its withdrawal from service. Member of the Cryptos Commission inquiring into the Tengam Drive.

Count Blasco Dr. Blasco was the first person to contact the Numidol kingdom, and also stabilise monatomic hydrogen. The result was the Valiant and the Saturn expedition. However, Blasco had ideas of Earth conquest with the assistance of the Lords of Numidol and their overlord, Vora. He was thwarted by the rest of the Saturn expedition and died without a helmet in a leaking spaceship. His son later became Prime Minister of earth [see Project Pluto] but was disgraced and committed suicide after his association with the Mekon and abortive coup.

cosmobe Cosmobes : Aquatic airbreathing race from i-Cos. A daughter colony of the Great Migration, which arrived in Sol System in 2013AD, inhabits the great salt water oceans of earth in symbiotic partnership with Man. The migration which began in 1419AD seeded 2-Cos in the Eta Serpentis system in 1692 and 3-Cos in the Beta Serpentis system in 1826AD. The remaining ships of the great migration are believed to be in sub-light transit to Epsilion Ophiuchi with an estimated arrival time of mid-September 2052.

The Dapon The Dapon was an Atlantine N.C.O. guard. Col. Dare gained his loyalty by revealing himself as Khargaz, before explaining the true situation. Assisted in the rescue of others of the Venus party, before crashing the seized telezero reflector spacecraft onto the telezero installations in Mekonta. Now second only to Khargaz in Atlantine legend.

Dan Dare Col. Dare, born Manchester 1967. Part of the expeditions to Venus, Mercury, Saturn and Cryptos.

Uncle Ivor Dr. Ivor Dare, xenoarchaeologist. Was involved in excavations on Mars at the time of the Red Moon attack. Later, a member of the Cryptos Commission.

Digby Albert Fitzwilliam Digby b 1960. Batman to Col. Dare since 1988. Consistently refused promotion throughout his career. Member of expeditions to Venus, Red Moon Decoy Mission, Mercury, Numidol, Cryptos and others. His contribution to world events is second only to Col. Dare.

elekrobot An elektrobot - the means by which the Mekon was able to overwhelm the Earth's defenses on Black Sunday - 17th February 2002. Brought to Earth in the food convoys, and with a considerable amount of deception, at which the Mekon was a master.

Flytrap "Flytrap" is the nickname given to the moon of the planet Q2 of the system Epsilon Eridani. It is from this system that the starship that wreaked havoc over England, subsequent to the world wide runaway plant growth, is thought to have originated. All humanoid life is extinct, and the plant civilisation appears to have reverted to savagery. The system is under quaratine.

Galactic Galleon The first successful starship designed by an Earthman, Galileo McHoo.. Used on the journey out-system to Terra Nova, when she outpaced Spacefleet's fastest interceptors.

 Sir Hubert Guest Sir Hubert Guest 1943-?. Second Controller-in-Chief of the International Space Fleet, 1989-2017. Suspended in Mekonta 2002-2011. Second man to walk on the Moon and commanded the second ship to land on Mars and Venus. Has had an enormous influence not only on the development of Spacefleet but on Earth Governenment and its relations with other civilizations.

 Hank Hogan Henry Hogan (Hank) b 1971. Wing Major Space Fleet (Rtd). Member of the first expeditions to explore Venus and Numidol. Instrumental in solving the mystery of the solid space pockets in 2016.

Kargaz Kargaz was a legendary Atlantine figure who held out in the hills against the Treens. As he lived before the bump on the forehead evolved, Col. Dare, while disguised as an Atlantine, was taken for the legendary hero. The Atlantines thereafter gave him all the help they could.

Kroopak or Black Cat Kroopaks or Black Cats were Space Combat Robots used by the Empire of Numidol to conquer the independent kingdoms and enslave the common Thorks. Armed with a molecular disruptor ray they were used very effectively to invade Earth during the abortive Black Cat War. Virtually all functioning Kroopaks were destroyed in the Battle of Titan and the Black Cat War, as were the means of their manufacture. An intact Kroopak carrier was salvaged from the Sargasso Sea in 2013 and served as an invaluable blueprint for the Panther and Wild Cat class SCRs which, equipped with disintegron capacity, are currently serving with the Fleet Battlegroups. Also manufactured in the Union of Numidol in their original form.

 The Last Three The Last Three - thought to be myth and legend. Although the Mekon was believed to have perished after his defeat in 2012 by Col. Dare after his return from Cryptos, he was working with the Last Three on perfecting the SuperTreen. The Last Three perished at the conclusion of the Treen Uprising of 2019. They were also responsible for oroviding the elektrobots for the Mekon's invasion on Black Sunday.

Lero from Cryptos Lero was a charming but enigmatic emissary from Cryptos Beneath the Three Suns of Los. Undoubtedly chosen for first contact because of his abilities of empathic persuasion and his talent for engendering trust amongst those with whom he dealt.

McHoo Galileo McHoo refined the Halley Drive devised by his father Halley McHoo, who perished on the first attempt to reach Terra Nova with Col. Dare's father William Robert Dare [1944-2003], who died fighting for freedom on Terra Nova. Kidnapped Col Dare and others for the first flight of the Galactic Galleon. Charges were subsequently dropped in exchange for the technology of the Halley Drive.

The Mekon The Mekon (?1750). Absolute dictator of the Treens until 1996 and between 2002-2011. He has made many attempts to regain his former power, but has been reduced in recent years to tip and run attacks. Is under death sentence from World Court ruling in 2019 for crimes against humanity.

 Mercury Mercury was first explored by Col. Dare after the Red Moon Decoy Mission. The inhabitants maintain contact with the other planets but do not wish to become further involved after their experience with the Mekon.

Navs Navs were the inhabitants of the Wandering World, fleeing a three sided atmoic war on their home planet. Peace loving by nature, they were easily enslaved by the Mekon. After their experiences, they have no wish to be further involved with the Solar System.

Lex O'Mally Commander Lex O'Malley R.N. UN Royal Navy. Responsible for the search operation for the Cryptos ship after its crash in the Pacific. Integral part of the Cryptos team and discoverer of the link between Phant diet and their aggression. Part of the team to explore Terra Nova. Currently directing oceanographic research on Secundus.

Orak Orak : Divine ruler of the Phants. Supreme God of the system of Minu. A manufactured self-maintaining compucon brain, probably constructed over 65 000 E-years ago. First and final authority on Phantos.

Pierre Lafayette Major Pierre Lafayette, born France 1970, member of the First Venus Team, and leader at launch of the First Saturn Team. Instrumental in solving the solid space mystery in 2016. Appointed Deputy Controller (France) 2026. Currently retired and living in Bordeaux.

 Professor Peabody Professor Jocelyn Peabody, apart from her many academic distinctioons, was chosen, against opposition, for the First Venus Expedition, and was then subsequently involved in the action against the Red Moon, and, as a consequence, was involved in the struggle against the Mekon in Mercury. Cryo-suspended in Mekonta 2002-11. Was involved in the subsequent Liberation, and the arrival of the Cosmobes.

 The Red Moon The Red Moon invaded the inner planets in October 1999. It is now though to be propelled by a minute black hole, and directed intelligently. It acted as a hiveship for the inhabitants of Q4 Xi Volans, and is known as a Volan Hive. After its destruction by a Theron chain reaction bomb, it is thought that the black hole remnant formed the basis of the gravitational anomaly known as the Sargasso Sea. It is further thought that this or other Volan Hives were responsible for the agoraphobia of the inhabitants of the Platinum Planet (Q4 Cetus 71) and for the extinction of life on Moss.

Sondar Sondar, the only "good" Treen. Appointed Treen Governor by the victorious Bipartite alliance in 1996. Also served as Treen ambassador to Earth 2001-2. Succeeded by his deputy Garuth, who, while he was not party to the Mekon's preparations for war in 2002, changed allegiance when Mekonta was seized during the first days of the war. Ambassador Sondar was reinstated as permanent Treen Governor again in 2011 by the Alliance after proving his loyalty in the Second Venusian War. Elected President of the Treen Republic in 2014. Survived the 2019 Uprising, thanks to the loyalty of his personal guard. Reinstated as Governor by the Fourth and Fifth Bipartite Summit, and re-installed as President of Occupied Treenland in 2025, 2030, 2035 and 2040. He held this office however as a Bipartite appointee : democratic elections for Treenland have not been re-introduced.

 Space Fleet HQ SpaceFleet HQ. SF UK consists of a Northern Command, based on Formby Spaceport in Lancashire, and Southern command at Maplin Spaceport, east of London. Formby is the HQ for UK Command and the primary centre for the Fleet's military activities, while Maplin concentrates largely on the Fleet's civilian lauches.

 Flamer Spry "Flamer" Spry, accidental discoverer of the XQY Space Station hijack. Member of the Cryptos Expedition whilst still a cadet at Astral. Subsequently involved in the Second Venusian War on his return from Cryptos, and the Pescod skirmish. Travelled out-system with Col. Dare to Terra Nova, after being kidnapped with others by McHoo.

Lord Stonehill Lord Stonehill, formerly Sir Abraham Willis (1944-2040). British Representative to the UNWG 1979-2017. Minister of Economic Co-operation and Development 1986-1994. Prime Minister UNWG 1994-2017. Cryo-suspended in Mekonta 2002-11. Leader of the faction that laid the groundwork for the success of the first World Government.

Telezero The telezero was the Mekon's most powerful weapon, but fortunately for the Therons it did not operate over the horizon. The Mekon accordingly built three craft, which together would form a mirror in space. It was one of these craft that Col. Dare and other of the Venus Expedition seized to make their escape from Mekonta.

The Tempus Frangit The Tempus Frangit was an attempt at a hyperspace drive of limited success. On its first test flight it took Col. Dare and his team to the planet Meit, where the alien Xel managed to stow away. Xel's subsequent activities have cost Earth dear.

Tharl Tharl, leader of the revolt against Vora and the Lords of Numidol. However, the successful revolt precipitated a secessionist civil war, which meant that Tharl was unable to come to the rescue of Earth on Black Sunday when the Mekon struck.

Treen Treens inhabit the Northern Hemisphere of Venus. After the First Venusian War, there appeared to be peace between the Treens and Earth. However, this was rudely shattered by the Mekon's attack on Black Sunday. After the war, an uneasy peace was maintained until the Uprising of 2019. Since then Treenland has been under Allied Occupation. No decision has yet been taken concerning the Treen Problem.

Vora Vora - "Last of the Great Ones". Conqueror of the Eight Moons of Numidol. Dictator of the Empire of Numidol. Instigator of the Black Cat War. An oxygen/chlorine breather from the novad Rho Aquilae. Died January 2001.

 The Wandering World The Wandering World was actually a nomad space city constructed many centuries ago by ancestors of the Navs after the destruction of their homeworld in a three sided nuclear war. Originally an orbiting space city belonging to those who not to take sides in the impending war, it was later converted into a mobile generation ship to wander the Orion arm. Found by chance by the Mekon after his escape from Space Fleet pursuit in 2016, following the collapse of his solid space bubbles, and used to build an escape craft. Visited by Col. Dare in 2019, while attempting to return from Meit. Presently in sub-light transit away from the rim of Sol System and refusing all Fleet contact.

Xel Xel: a self styled rebel "Stolian Overlord" introduced to Earth from the planet Meit by the first voyage of the Tempus Frangit in 2019. Almost certainly not indigenous to Meit, which apparently lies well out on the periphery of a galactic arm with no immediate neighbouring start systems. It is quite possible that the alian's ship used a form of hyperspace drive itself to reach Meit, and Xel and his "Chamberlain" had little problem grasping the principles of the Tempus Frangit's propulsion system. Brought back to Sol system accidentally, he proved a dangerous and disruptive foe. Died in 2020 leading Japetan colonists from Triton in an invasion of Earth. A violent rogue alien of unknown origin.

Zylbat The Zylbat was a remarkable two-man spaceship given to Col. Dare by the Zylans in gratitude for his services on Vort, and also because their demand for his services had ensured that he and Spaceman Digby had missed the departure of the SFOS Admiral Grosvenor from the the outskirts of Shem system. Extremely advanced in its design, it was instrumental in combating and avoiding the Mekon's solid space bubbles. Replaced the Anastasia as Col. Dare's personal spaceship from 2016 until its destruction in 2019.