The SpaceFleet Heavy Duty Suit

Dan Dare spacesuit
This is the classic Frank Hampson design, and reasonable enough technically for 1953 [this drawing is from the 1953 Space Annual]. Its main problem is that encountered by Leonov during the first ever space walk. In vacuum the suit inflates, which also makes it difficult to move about in. Leonov very nearly did not get back into his space craft.

Dan Dare spacesuit Dan Dare paralysing pistol The problem with a single rocket or jet such as this for propulsion is that unless the thrust line passes exactly through the centre of gravity of the wearer, the spaceman will begin to tumble end over end ... and, quite likely, twist around as well! But this drawing really does show off the design as it was for the first ten years - and which Keith Watson reverted to when he took over.

And the famous paralysing pistol. Frank's pacifist principles - which were an extension of the general philosophy of Eagle - meant that he didn't go around "zapping" aliens as soon as they reared their heads.