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Dan Dare

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A Dan Dare introduction.
A Frank Hampson biography - and his tribulations with Eagle.
Aliens in Dan Dare. The Mekon, and Venus, as well as other aliens
The Dan Dare bust at Southport - David Britton describes the commissioning and unveiling.
The cast - the exploits of some of the other characters in the Dan Dare stories.
Anastasia, Dan's personal spaceship, and the Dan Dare spacesuit!
An oddity: the Grant Morrison Dan Dare.
Mekonta - the capitol city of the Treens.
Scans from Frank Hampson artwork which I once owned, from the Venus story, and from Rogue Planet.
A glossary ... covering all the major characters, places and events in the Dan Dare saga, with brief explanations and pictures.
The faces of Dan Dare - how he was drawn by different artists from 1950 to 1996.
Operation Moss from eagle annual no. 8 - mature Hampson/Harley artwork at its best
I have also commissioned a young artist, Martin Baines, to illustrate a new story, Project Pluto. This is being done associated with the relevant issue of the Daily World Post.
Keith Watson in eagle.
He also drew Captain Condor in the Lion for a year: here are some frames from those stories.
And some Keith Watson artwork never seen before - and a story to go with it.
Operation Fireball, an original Dan Dare black and white story from 1962 drawn by Keith Watson.
Another black and white story by Keith Watson, Operation EarthSaver.
The Venus story;
Red Moon Mystery;
Man from Nowhere;
Safari in Space
Terra Nova
Project Nimbus
All Treens Must Die!

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