John Worsley

John Worsley PC 49Worsley started working for eagle as one of the many "Tommy Walls" artists. This was a strip whose intrepid hero was always rescuing people from dramatic disasters, then exclaiming, "Phew! I need a Walls ice cream after that!". PC 49 started life as a radio serial, and was one of the original stories in eagle, drawn at that time by Strom Gould. Later, Worsley took it over, and nowadays is the artist who everyone remembers. The stories were by an Australian, Alan Stranks, who also wrote a lot of the Dan Dare stories, from Prisoners of Space to Safari in Space. PC 49 stories also give a very good flavour in life in Britain at the time!

The plots revolve PC 49 and the Boys' Club he runs. In those more innocent days, there ws nothing unusual about a bachelor PC taking the boys on camping holidays. Mind you, he was engaged to Joan, though the engagement was long even by 50s standards.

John Worsley PC 49From "The Case of the Old Crock", 27 August 1954. Bunny Cotton is the character in the centre, PC 49 on the left, Tam Piper on the right. They are spending the night in a quiet hotel ... but Bunny is being burgled!

John Worsley PC 49From "The Case of the Golden Knight" 11 March 1955. This shows PC 49, 'Gigs' [an old nickname for anyone with glasses - derived from giglamps. The story line also assumed that anyone with specs was brainy] and the Milligan twins. The twins could always be relied on to get everyone else into disastrous situations, but, equally, rescue them as well.

John Worsley PC 49Part of the gang from the Boys' Club - from "The Case of the New Member" 3 June 1955.

John Worsley PC 49But his villians were a little too stereotyped - as this frame from "The Case of the Square Ring" [13th April 1956] shows.