Bellamy and Dan Dare

And here is some of Bellamy's work on Dan Dare. His brief was, in part, to 'modernise' the strip, and update uniforms, spacecraft etc. In many respects he was first rate - and I still think the depiction of the rendezvous between Nimbus 2 and Andromeda from nearly fifty years ago could be reprinted in a strip of this century without looking out of place.
He rather upset the purists though - those who had grown up with the FH version of Dan Dare, and who were now being confronted with something very different.
He took over at a difficult time : a printer's strike, Hulton's takeover, a new editor. And he wasn't keen either on science fiction or on FH's studio methods. The very first frame he drew had an almost unrecognisable Dan : the face was redrawn by Don Harley and pasted over the top of Bellamy's!

Here, from a little later on, is his view of Prof and Flamer - and whatever else you say, this is superb!

Here we are at the start of Nimbus - new uniforms and all : this is why Bellamy was hated by the Hampson purists, but you must admit it's effective.

And if only the rest of Nimbus had been as good as this!

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