The Road of Courage

This story was Frank's swansong, finishing in mid 1961. He had left Dan Dare at the time of the editorial changes, and had settled on this project. Marcus Morris was credited with providing the story, which was only fitting, as they had together founded Eagle.

Since Frank had also drawn the story of St Paul - The Great Adventurer - it was fitting to finish in the same vein.
He was helped by his long time assistant, Joan Porter. After this story, Frank, out of favour in the new scheme of things, was driven almost to suicide, and then, effectively, retired. He was never again to draw on any extended scale.
One of the saddest sights came the next year, when Frank drew a Bovril advertising strip.

Frank Hampson Road of Courage

One of the most impressive features to Road of Courage were Frank's portraits, his faces. This is John the Baptist. Here he is being asked if he is the Messiah.

Frank also loved drawing the Pharisees, brightly clothed, Herod, and Roman governors and generals.

Frank Hampson Road of Courage Jesus versus the Pharisees : a constant refrain running throughout the story.

Frank Hampson Road of Courage And again - but this time they are asking whether John the Baptist was a prophet - and they get short shrift from the disciples.

Frank Hampson Road of Courage And Frank's view of the Last Supper. Frank was always equivocal about his religious beliefs - but he rose to the challenge of illustrating scenes that had been worked to death in centuries past.

This then was it - after this story, Frank published no more strip cartoon stories. He did some advertising, but apart from the one off commission, spent his time illustrating the childrens' books published by Ladybird. Now he was no longer subject to Fleet Street deadlines. And he was joined by many other ex-Eagle artists.

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