The TSR 2.

14th November 1964.


And now here we are, on an inside page, in black and white. The decline in British capabilities seems to go hand in hand with the decline of Eagle : this successor to the Canberra was cancelled by the Labout Government of 1965.

In retrospect, this decision could be justified by saying that in the end we never did fight a war in which TSR2 might have figured [tho aircraft of the same vintage and inferior performance were involved in the Gulf War]. However, the savings from the cancelllation have to be reckoned against the development costs, the cancellation fees, the money paid towards buying the American F111 and then cancelling that order, and the money spent on Amrican F4 Phantoms, expensively re-engined with Rolls Royce Spey engines. The Prime Minister of the day, Harold Wilson, made a comment that as a renowned economist he should have been ashamed of - that a TSR2 was going to cost more than a prewar destroyer. A prewar destroyer - not a contemporary one. He had left out inflation for a start. And a single TSR2 had the capacity for more destruction than any prewar destroyer.