Harris Tweed

by John Ryan

John Ryan, then an art master at Harrow, began in Eagle by drawing Captain Pugwash. This didn't run for long, as it was thought too juvenile (it was later resurrected for TV, and certain urban legends grew up around the series, which cost a certain newspaper a lot of money when they printed the myth as fact and Ryan sued).

Early Tweeds were whole page affairs, later to become half a page.

Ryan based his character on what he called bone headed majors he had met in the army. The buffonery became more mellow with time, however.

Tweed, though a bachelor, has The Boy living with him. The Boy is the true hero: it is always he who sees the pitfalls Tweed is about to blunder into, and he who rescues the situation - not that he gets any credit for it!

This is a four page story from Eagle Annual No. 4, and perhaps my favourite Tweed story from my favourite Annual. I have scanned it as 8 half pages. To see each page in turn, move your mouse over the relevant page number, and it should appear below. Scroll down first, so you can see the complete pages.

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